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Did you know that ...

... mobile phone can be used to communicate with the external door station instead of the classic intercom handset ?
... thanks to <CLIP> function mobile phone can open the gate, wicket gate or garage door?
... having a traditional telephone line, classic handset (including wireless) can take over the function of an intercom handset ?
... intercom and video intercom can signal the unclosed door and / or the status of the gate?
... intercom can also control gate to the property?

... using a monitor or intercom, you can control electrical circuits such as lights in the       garden, in front of the house, on the staircase and building automation?
... video door phone can take pictures of people who push the call button?
... video door phone can take over the function of an answering machine with a  message recording?
... image from your home surveillance cameras can be displayed on the video intercom screen?
... using headsets and monitors you can make an internal call with other handsets and monitors?
... only specialized cables with an appropriate insulation and gel between coatings guarantee a proper and long-term functioning of intercom devices?
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